'I was hesitate at first... then I went back to my crappy job on Monday and then realized I have to make a change or I will never get out of this place. I am currently still at my job but I have set a quit date and I couldn't be happier! Thank you Abbey!!'

Lizzie, Fitness Coaching

I love taking photography! It's my passion.. but yet I wasn't making any money doing it. Now I am doing 2-3 weddings a month! Abbey & Mike continue to show me how to get more and more clients of all types!

Mark, Photographer

I started off with the 90 Day Program, Starting from scratch and within my first 6 weeks I have double my followers, picked up 4 clients and just recently upgraded and had the Legacy Team build me a custom website and I have finally built the business I always knew I could do!

Sarah, Apparel Boutique

Elements of Personal Success

The BIG Picture

You have to remember empires are not build in a day. It's piece by piece until it's a master piece.

Content is KEY

Providing the right content to the right audience is the difference in creating leads vs creating likes. Leads turn to Money. Likes turn to loneliness. 

Ride the WAVE

You miss every opportunity you don't take. Take chances and paddle out. You never know, it could be the ride of your life!